Monday, January 23, 2012

Opera National de Lyon

Well, I found myself in the most beautiful studio I've ever seen at the Lyon national opera. This company is amazing and has an incredible repertoire, and all the dancers were really beautiful.

The opera house is an old renovated train station in the center of town, and the ballet is on the top level with a view overlooking the whole city. Can you believe this?? The pictures I took make the space look dark, but it was lit so well with natural light that it felt like you were outside!

I was invited to take class tomorrow and Wednesday, and I got to watch some rehearsal today. They were in the beginning stages of learning a Jiri Kylian piece, which was very interesting and beautiful to watch, and I really wanted to join in!!!

One of the pictures is the opera house through the cafe window where I'm sitting now. Some are from the entrance and outside views, and the rest are from floor 12! The dresses are props from Kylian's "petit mort," although I didn't see that one being rehearsed. I'll check tomorrow which one it was, when I get to take class in this amazing studio!

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