Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Forsythe Company

Its been an amazing two days of watching The Forsythe Company in Frankfurt. I've been taking lots of notes so I don't miss anything!

The company is in the beginning stages of making a new premier. The basic concept that I got from watching is that partners tangle themselves into these incredibly intricate shapes, and then move body parts to change the shape. Then they memorize their pathways, and recreate the sequences on their own, relating to each other and the space in different ways.

Some dancers in the back were watching a video of "bill" improvising, and trying to recreate the sequences, using their instincts for what his intention, or the 'full out' version is supposed to look like. It's a lot of guessing but you'd never know it...they've worked with him for so long that he barely whispers a direction and they know what to do. This section looked more like the ballet forsythe work that I'm familiar with: pointed feet, expansive arms, and fluid coordination.

One of my personal highlights was observing Bill watching the yoga break dancer video (YouTube search: yoga break dancer.) I hadn't spoken to him yet, this was yesterday, but I saw his face light up and I was dying to run over and blurt out: "I love that!! Isn't it the coolest?"

He approached me today, and what followed was a very thrilling talk about my career and future plans. He confirmed that Antwerp would be the best company to work for, a gave a few other useful suggestions. He really took an interest, and I felt on top of the world after he started rehearsing with the dancers again.

Another piece they rehearsed is called 'duo', choreographed in the 90's. Such a cool piece and you can watch it on YouTube: search 'forsythe, duo'

By the end of the day today I was standing up in the back learning some of the improv section, and really studying what the dancers were doing. It was so cool to feel comfortable, and I'm sad that I have to leave soon.

Tomorrow morning is my last class and maybe a little bit more rehearsal before I'm on the road again. Stay tuned to find out where...

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  1. Thanks for the You Tube pointers. I will def. check these out! Sounds like an inspiring few days!