Sunday, January 15, 2012

Onward to Frankfurt!

I've made the trip to Frankfurt, and unlike Antwerp ---> Dortmund, I made it in record time! It was an ICE high speed train, and I really got to see how fast it went! Well, I didn't exactly see, because it got dark, but I could feel the difference. I think the train covered about four hours worth of distance in under two. Crazy!

I'm excited to be in Frankfurt and can't wait to see Forsythe's company tomorrow. Like I've said before, sometimes finding class to stay in shape is a challenge, so these trips are just as important as the auditions. Also, if I was auditioning every day I'd go completely crazy. Forsythe's company is going to be a huge learning experience too, so depending how it feels, I might stretch it out past the two days I've scheduled so far.

One of the perks of being a girl traveling, especially on week days, is that you can pay a euro or two extra for a female dorm in a hostel, and chances are you'll have the room to yourself. This is a major improvement from last night, where I was with 3 guys who didn't really understand the concept of going to bed before 2 AM.

How am I doing so far with the blog? Not to sound needy, but this traveling can be pretty lonely sometimes, so comments are welcome :)

My dad has informed me that I've been overusing the word "nice" to describe things. I agree that this is a not-so-nice... I mean... BAD habit, so I'll be consciously avoiding this word in the future.

Stay tuned for exciting news about Frankfurt tomorrow!

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