Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today I took class with Ballett Staatsoper Berlin. Company class was taught by Vladimir Malakov, the director of the company. Most of the dancers were in another class though, because they had an early stage rehearsal. Vladimir was exactly the same as I remember him from New York, and since I always saw him in Nancy Bielsky's class, I wasn't at all surprised that his class was similar. The company doesn't have any contracts at the moment, but who knows about further down the line.

To get to the opera house from my hostel, I took a tram and an underground train. Sometimes buying tickets is really confusing, but in this case a day pass for €6.40 covers all the forms of transportation. The underground took way longer than I expected, and I barely made it to class in time!!!

After class Leslie Krumwiede, the administrator, invited me to see the show tonight, and helped organize a ticket for me at the box office. This particular show is not held at the opera house, but at the Schiller theater, one stop away on the underground. This is the first ballet I'll have ever seen in Europe, and I'm very excited. I'll post my feedback afterwards!

I found a yoga studio near the center of town and took a very challenging class. I think I was struggling because my cold made it difficult to breathe through my nose, but overall I understood more German than the class I took in Dortmund.

Across the street there was a bead store, where they went a step further than I've ever seen with the types of things you can make! It's hard to describe, but I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow when I go back for another yoga class.

I also managed to do a little sightseeing today, in the FREEZING cold I found the Brandenberg gate, Reichstag building, and Holocaust memorial. Here are some photos, but as usual I have to apologize that they're not masterpieces.

I can't wait to report on the ballet!

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  1. Re: 1st ballet in Europe, don't forget Napoli in Copenhagen! Your pictures are excellent btw. Self portraits, always welcome, and the ones of the holocaust memorial show what a powerful testament it is.