Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've been in Antwerp, Belgium for two days now, and the more time I spend here, the more I love it. It's an old city with beautiful stone buildings and an old-fashioned feel, but there are lots of young people and everyone is really nice.

I stayed with my friend Ludmila and saw another friend Joe, who are both dancers in the company, Royal ballet of Flanders. Yesterday morning Ludmila walked me to the studio to take class with the company. They were going on tour to Luxembourg later that afternoon, so we both had our suitcases with us.

The class was awesome, and I love the company. I'll return in mid-February to see if they have any openings, but I felt very comfortable there, and everyone was so nice.

After I left my friends I stopped by a physical therapy building to ask about a pain in my foot. (it started a few days ago.. Pain in the bottom of my foot from walking so much, not dancing.)
When I went to the clinic, I couldn't believe it...the therapist Ellen looked At the foot, didn't charge me, and said she was heading in the direction of a place to buy running shoes. I couldn't believe it! She actually drove me there!

Today the foot is feeling better already, and I'm still relaxing in Antwerp. I'm about to leave for a yoga class, the first one since New York!

Oh, one more thing.... Last night I had the privilege of eating a huge pot of mussels, one of the many specialties of Antwerp. Please refer to the included picture of the feast.

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