Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last of Lyon, sent 4 days late

I've really been enjoying Lyon. Class with the company in that glorious studio was amazing, and it was really fun to see the company working. The director wasnt there, so nobody could give me much feedback, although they said he might be interested. I might try to organize another visit later in my trip.

I relocated from the hotel to the hostel, which is up a steep hill and overlooks the whole city. It was worth it for the view alone, although I had trouble sleeping so close to the loud main area, and the bathrooms were pretty awful. It just shows me that I can rely on the reviews online, because that's exactly what they said.

Yesterday was rainy but I finally got to do a little bit of sightseeing. I made a friend Corina who was also visiting Lyon, and we met at the mysterious castle (which is actually a cathedral called Fouviere.) It was massive and beautiful but I think I prefer the view from down the hill.

Walking around yesterday (I was kind of lost to be honest,) I stumbled on a Repetto ballet store. It was like a palace for ballet wear, and it was lovely. Im sure the salesman hated that I was taking pictures, but here you go.

I'm waiting for a train to Paris, where I'll be until Saturday. I'm very excited because I've never been before! It will be a little break in the middle of the trip!

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