Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Updating you to my whereabouts

I had a wonderful week in Dresden, taking class with the amazing Semperoper and spending time with my friend Sarah Hay! We took the train to Leipzig on Saturday, and met up with Andrew Brader and Drew Grant, visiting from Ohio. I also met their friend Tyler. I spent the week traveling and auditioning with Drew and Andrew, in Leipzig, Chemnitz, Zwichau (sort of,) Kiel (baby Copenhagen,) and Amsterdam.

In Amstedam we saw the Anne Frank House, Rjyk museum, and Dedamia, an incredible Handel opera which I absolutely loved. We sat in the second row, right by the first violin, and I was in complete heaven the whole time.

I stayed an extra night in Amsterdam before taking the train to Berlin yesterday. Here I am taking class with the company in the mornings, meeting with people who know the Europe opera world (I want to have a non-singing role in a production this summer!) and finding a yoga studio.

It's pretty weird to be in a city where a month ago (or was it 2?) it was bitterly cold and miserable, and now... It's spring!!! I am infinitely happier to walk around exploring all day, and the world just seems brighter and more full of possibility.

That reminds me: the train from Copenhagen to Dresden parked on a ferry that rushed us through the sea. I was very excited and hoped I would see a whale. I was also lonely because I realized that I didn't have anyone to share the excitement with. Maybe it wouldn't have been as exciting if I hadn't been alone though. I made sure to take a picture of myself for my mother :)

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