Sunday, March 11, 2012

Copenhagen, Random observances

I am pleased to announce that one thing Copenhagen does incredibly well is...the brunch buffet! I went to a place called Riz Raz, (where I also had lunch with my mom 5 years ago!!) and enjoyed the best assortment of meats, felafel, vegetables, pancakes...I could go on!

This city is really colorful, and I'm looking out to share some examples of the unique fashion of its residents. It seems I need to improve my readiness with the camera, which I lamented when a missed a shot of an old lady with a long fur coat, sea-foam green kerchief and bag, and lace stockings, clicking along in her heels...classic Danish old woman!

Here are pictures from another curious observance...accesorized statues around the city! Clown nosed Triton by the river, and bonnetted man in front of the Old Stage of the Royal Danish Theater. Any ideas what they could mean?

Tomorrow off to Dresden by train! I miss my train vagabonding days, so I'm very excited for the adventure.

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