Monday, February 27, 2012

Passing Clouds

Last night I went to the coolest place in an area east of downtown London (I think called Dalston.) With some of Damien's friends, I wet to a very excellent British pub and ate a very delicious toast with white beans, mushrooms, cheese, and truffle oil.

Then we walked down the road to the coolest place ever, a very laid back club called Passing Clouds. It cost 3 pounds to get in, but when you enter you hear why. Up on the stage were about 6 musicians, all playing a reggae beat. It turned out that it was an open mic jam session, and people took turns playing the instruments, and making the best sounds. The audience was so enthusiastic too. Everyone was dancing, and so excited to see who would perform next. There were even some rappers doing the competition thing, where the person who gets the loudest response wins. This was definitely the best local hangout, and I was so glad that I had such cool friends to show me a fun time in London.

Tomorrows my last day, and then on to Tallinn. I'm starting to feel positive about the next stretch of auditions, and I'm glad I had this rest period!

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