Friday, February 24, 2012

London, and how I got here

Do I have any followers left? I don't see why I would, but let me try to update you on where ive been:

From Zurich to Saarbrucken, flop; then to Antwerp, rainy but fun! Turned 25, feeling old; went to Oslo, less cold han Germany but frustrating audition. Then to London where I met Jane, had amazing adventures drinking fancy tea, eating Sunday roast, and looking at fancy tapestries and jewels.

For the past week (almost) I've stayed in London, getting organized and spending time with my good friend Damien, from Los Angeles Ballet! He now dances for Ballet Black, where I've been taking class this week. They rehearse at the royal opera house, which had been fun to be inside. I've also been doing bikram yoga and exploring, and it's been a nice break to be somewhere where everyone speaks English for a little while.

I have plans to visit Tallinn, Estonia on the 1st of March, and Copenhagen right after. For now I'm enjoying London so much, and here are some random pictures from Zurich, Oslo, London, and one from Berlin (can you find it?)


  1. Is the Berlin picture the dark colorful music-playing scene?

    From your faithful reader, ?

  2. That's a good picture of me Len! Because I didn't know you were taking it.