Thursday, April 12, 2012

The tourist in Paris

After two days in a row sleeping on night trains, I'm happy to re-visit my last days in Paris. I went to the Palais Garnier, where you can see lots of ridiculously extravagant rooms. Unfortunately there was a rehearsal in the theater and no matter how much I begged, I couldn't see the Chagall ceiling. I cried :(

I've included a postcard of the ceiling, not to fool you, just to show you why I cried.

I tried on zillion dollar ruby and diamond rings at Cartier. I'm not allowed to mention the person who allowed this but it was fun to play dress up with him or her.

I went to Le Musee d'Orsay and saw beautiful Van Gogh paintings, among others. I'm so happy I've gotten some nice museums in on this trip :)

I had a wonderful lunch with my new friend Olaf. He spends half his time in India, and showed me amazing pictures while we ate Indian food.

Easter and the Monday after were packed with tourists in Paris. Everything was closed, and it rained a lot.

I found a photo booth in the metro station and took dorky photos like the ones in Amelie.

I went to Berlin yesterday for a rehearsal and am glad I did. It was fun to see my new friends again and work on something fun.

Now I'm in Basel, kind of exhausted. My train was delayed so I missed class this morning, but will take a short train to Zurich for a class there this evening.

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